At present, Luke’s Experimental Farm Animal Research Unit at Jokioinen comprises a dairy barn for 134 cows, an intensive test animal facility of 10 tie stalls for cows or small ruminants and a range of related laboratory services and equipment, including 4 metabolic chambers. The unit has been extensively utilised for production and physiological research, with national, international and industrial partners, e.g. for developing feed intake prediction models, and energy and protein evaluation systems, studies and strategies for mitigation of environmental emissions and for nutrigenomic and reproductive physiology studies. A new dairy unit consisting of 180 milking cow places, metabolic chambers, milking robots with GreenFeed system and a new intensive test facility will be built during 2022. A new intensive monogastric and small ruminant facility will be built in 2023. New sensor technology will be implemented during construction.



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