FinLive RI will enable livestock production research and industrial R&D by offering standardized access to a range of services up to 2030:

  • Livestock (animals) for academic and industrial research purposes (physical/remote access) Logistics for experiments, including wet labs and up-to-date equipment for biological research; sample sharing and storage in biobanks (physical/remote access)
  • Unique facilities for specialist research purposes, (e.g. methane emission measuring device, including respiratory chambers) (physical access)
  • ¬†Interoperable and reusable biological and environmental data (remote/data access). The FinLive Data Service offers researchers easy access to research data on animal genetics, nutrition, health and welfare.
  • ¬†For teaching/training we provide animal facility and laboratory space and meeting facilities (physical access)

The access policy for the services

The information on the infrastructure and the access options is available at this website ( The website will later also include the data service. Physical access to the experimental platforms will be opened for applications by external research groups in 2022.

Access to the infrastructure will be restricted where needed due to sensitive or commercial reasons. Metadata will be shared openly. The access rights will be administered by different procedures depending on the request and the ownership and restrictions regarding the data in question. For the further information, please be in contact with the contact persons listed for each research unit.

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